Aurora Cannabis to Ship Medical Cannabis to the Czech Republic (NYSE: ACB) (TSX: ACB)

Aurora Cannabis to Ship Medical Cannabis to the Czech Republic (NYSE: ACB) (TSX: ACB) – RICH TV LIVE – NOVEMBER 27, 2018 – International Expansion …


  1. The Market is not for overnight rags to riches. Dont invest if you need to pull the money right back out. This is not for you if your trying to live day to day of cannabis stock. You have to realize this brand of stock is like Microsoft in the 80's bitcoin in the 2000's wait and you will see. My suggestion is spend what you won't miss and forget about it for a few years.

  2. This doesn't mean shit. And you're leaving out what's important which are the numbers which I'm guessing you don't know – what's the cost to ship and do business in Europe? Europe doesn't allow anyone to just to business their union so obviously there are some political and regulatory expenses, what are they? How much are they? What is their business continuity plan if the deal goes bad. What is the timeline for turning a profit from this deal? Since as you say Europe has no borders, then the already established companies (GW pharma) can do the same, so what is Aurora's advantage over them? Nothing has been answered here. Thanks

  3. I'm working really hard now so I can help my parents retire comfortable…. They have more money than I do, so I just stole a few grand feom them to invest in Aurora so I can surprise them on my investment returns! Thanks Rich! LOL

  4. Our boy rich brings good news about my main stock aurora 😃👍🙏
    I am more hopeful that me acb stock may make me rich in the long run in 5 years ! Get rich with our boy rich 🤔
    Good analyzing of the article brother!
    Am holding my shares

  5. It seems so obvious to me buy now guys, here is your chance it's such a no Brainer to me this company is here to stay and the more you take advantage of the dips the more u guys pat your pockets

  6. Every time I watch your videos I have to buy more ACB 🙌🏻 in for a penny in for a pound guys – As your boy rich says “Buy in the Red sell in the Green” Thanks for the video rich your a legend.

  7. You should be more responsible.
    If people listen to you, that makes you responsible.
    Be careful with what you are telling people.
    ACB, CGC, CRON, all of them appear rigged!!

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