This Channel✅ Posts EVERY SUNDAY! For this week we are going over all of the indoor organic cannabis grows from cloning in veg to phenohunting in the 5×5 …


  1. Lets hear it down below, you team Indica? or team Sativa?. Please feel free to leave questions down below, I do my best to answer everyone.


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    Grow Equipment I Use
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    GAIA GREEN All Purpose 4-4-4 –
    GAIA GREEN Bloom 2-8-4

    Press Plates –
    Evolution Pressing Bags –

    Camera & Gear
    Camera –
    Video Stabilizer –

  2. Indica.. what is the correct way to water coco? I’ve seen some who say treat it like hydro water till runoff everyday or multiple times a day? I am trying to use coco with organic like you. Thanks for the video new sub

  3. Hi Matt could I ask, from seedling, what is your ph level when watering and does that change much during the grow, seedling, veg and finally flower??
    Also I noticed you don’t use Calmg, not required??

  4. Hi bro, can you give me a hand? i have 60 cm heigh available in a 6 hours sun balcony. Which pots should i use for limit the plants size to the heigh? lets say i top or fim them. Thank you very much, btw what heigh do you get on 3 gal pots?

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