I Stopped Smoking Weed For 2 Weeks & This Is How I Felt About It..

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  1. Yoo Bro said he smoked & he had a headache & is eyes hurt. Lmao buuh!! You been smokin on that reggie!! 😭😭😭 That's what happens when you smoke cheap weed, you get a headache! Quit smoking that stress bruh. & get more sleep is good for you too. You'll be alright… 😂😂😂

  2. You're the only dude I recieve notifications from. I always hit the bell for my subscriptions but I usually turn them off. Yours though, it stays on. Kudos on being Awesome bro. I mean it. Your non bias views and honesty is top notch.

  3. Thank you for your honesty. Moderation is so tough to achieve. It's great being baked, but also great sometimes to be stone cold sober. A happy balance takes a strong will and hard work just like everything else in life that's worth anything.

  4. You're probably smoking indica which is the strain that makes you feel down. Sativa is the other strain that actually gives you energy and lets you get shit done. Not all weed makes you feel down. On a side note congrats on stopping.

  5. Hey brother i know a lot of successful people that smoke. You keep doing you… If you get a chance watch the 2017 Rose Bowl it was one of the best Rose Bowls of all time and quite frankly one of my favorite football games of all time.

  6. I read something about the dreaming thing but I've been smoking for a few years now non stop and seem to have the opposite effect, I dream the craziest shit when I'm fried fam its nuts sometimes, but it does do different things for different people so you know do what you need to but if you ever need a smoke I'd be glad to hit a bowl with you my guy

  7. i have insane anxeity stress & depression, having weed to smoke is the only thing that gives me an appetite n gets me thru the day bcus i can relax my brain, im always in my head with constant thoughts n ideas n it drives me insane. i can feel my blood pressure being higher n im more irritable lol. i still have dreams with weed, n most of the dreams i have make me cry when i wake up lol. maybe im just a special case or w/e but i hear that "artistic" people r a bit different in how their brain works. all i know is its amazing how much it helps me concentrate n relax when i literally cant. —-side note, my moms basically addicted to advil PMS, she can take 2 pills n wake up 4 hours later…i introduced her to weed n shes been sleeping better than ever, i defnitely think it depends on the person on how it affects them n how that person handles the effects. i love smoking n then going for my jog/run n then coming home n smoking again lol

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  9. Awesome man. I was the same way smoked for like 15 years everyday straight, and the past few years I was just smoking nugget. Here in the US it is like 60 to 50 dollars a cut where I am . So a eighth every week started to add up to man, I'm spending like almost 300 dollars a month sometimes on money I'm never going to get back, because I smoked it. I always looked at, if I want to get another job at something with a lot better pay, they are going to piss test you. At that point, I was like, I'm just going to quit. Was hard, you always have the friends and ability to do it, its just getting through it. I have smoked a couple times with friends at parties over the last past 6 or 7 months, but it never made me go back to smoking it every day. When you get that discipline, you are good to go. Don't get me wrong, there are times I want to buy a bag, but I just tell myself. It's not worth it. Keep strong, and hope to see you punting on a team in the US soon.

  10. you mate, speak out of my heart! im a regular german guy, struggeling with life and within smoking weed more and less situationally. every word you say, i can confirm and every word you say gets me. keep on your way, im on the same stage trying to get over it and get my live in a regular way. thumbs up for you and yor passion mate!!!
    i absolutely feel you bro!

  11. You better get off of it if you really have any semblance of a hope of going to the NFL. They drug test you hard every week. That's a good place to start if you really want to dive head-first into your football career.

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