I Oppose the FDA Stopping the Import of Kratom / Proposed DEA Scheduling

I realize it is potentially addictive but it is predominantly being used in an effort by the addicted to treat addiction to substances which are inarguably more …


  1. why not legalize all drugs, tax it, and take the tax revenue and money you save on prosecuting and jailing people as well as the funds you save fighting the cartels and use it for rehab and social programs to better peoples lives so they dont feel the need to do drugs to blur out their shitty lives working for just enough money to stay afloat, tricking themselves into thinking the money they are saving will go towards bettering their lives which gets wiped out by emergency expense after emergency expense.

  2. Attributed deaths but none have been directly from the plant itself. It's popular to those who are addicted to heroin or other opioids so it'll get them by until they can get what they really want. That's where the deaths occur. Poly substance. Awesome you did a bit on kratom though. Next you need to look into the collision of the head of the fda Scott Gottlieb. He's made millions being on the board of 5 pharmaceutical companies and the last one being glaxo Smith and kline. They actually want to create a drug for teenagers to quit vaping when vaping is used to quit a deadly habit. Nicotine is not the killer. It's the carcinogens created from combustibles. I'm tired of this guy being a tirant and using emotions to say his actions. Someone in that position needs to use science based research, not just online surveys for 30 days to determine if there's an epidemic. It's fucking ridiculous how beurocratic this guy is. He wants to make as much money as possible for his agency instead of being a public figure to better the health of our country.

  3. Guaranteeing Kratom purity and control has generated this new potential great investment opportunity for those who can stomach the new creation of warlords in SEA! More corruption!
    So the AKA, the KTA, etc.al. non profits who lobby in D.C. to control purity! It is a new black market taunt, and from South East Asia, SEA, a country known for its population of Buddhists, and muslim religions, so who would you trust to deliver purity?
    It should be very obvious that many are not intelligent enough to understand who or what will kill them!

  4. I've used it for recreation a decent amount and never had issues. Seems very safe. I'm assuming the people that have died on it went way way overboard and were trying to get insanely fucked up.

  5. Forgive me if I'm incorrect, but wasn't heroine developed to get people off of opium? I'm not saying Kratom is the same, and I wouldn't at all support criminalizing its usage (I don't think criminalizing drug use accomplishes anything other than filling-up the prisons with people who haven't done anything morally objectionable), but just because a drug was created to be a "healthier" alternative to something else, that doesn't mean it's in any way trustworthy. I don't know much about it or how new it is, so I can't advocate for it in any form of good conscience (most especially because this drug which is touted to get people off of harder substances might actually be designed to exploit addicts with a new, supposedly healthier addictive substance), nor can I say that it isn't a potentially benign substance capable of helping a lot of people and doing a lot of good. The jury's out.

    And while I don't think usage should be illegal, I do believe that, if the sale of a substance is determined to be fundamentally predatory, then I would see no problem with regulating how it is sold. Perhaps I'm mistaken, but aren't there laws in place to prevent predatory loans? I'm not even saying such substances should be illegal, just that their sale should be restricted or regulated to some degree.

    Again, this could very well be a wonder drug, I don't know. This is by far the first I've heard of it. Perhaps if I was more familiar and educated about it, I'd be more upset with the FDA over this, but at the moment it just seems like a moderately silly and counterproductive decision.

  6. I don't think the Government should be scheduling anything beyond Schedule 4 unless it is seriously addictive. I don't have a problem with people on certain drugs unless it affects themselves or others ability to function. I happen to have chronic pain and this insanity effects me. I can't get relief from any non-controlled substance like ibuprofen or the stronger prescription NSAID's so I have taken Oxycodone for the past 4-5+ years, been through withdrawal before too (either intentionally to see how bad it was or from some doctor forgetting to write a prescription because muh golf vacation), not the end of the world but I could see how people would go insane on it and if this Kratom helps then scheduling it is stupid. Honestly half of these substances should be not over the county but available from a pharmacist after a consult to weed out the idiots who'd probably abuse it or traffic it. As for Marijuana, honestly it would really help and make it so I don't need to take as much Oxycodone since a lot of the time I don't need something that strong but none the less there is nothing else in between except weed. The problem I have is oh yeah it is legal in New York State! Oh yeah, you get a medical card and suddenly the FBI/ATF deny all your gun purchases and kick your door in to confiscate your guns because you are a prohibited person per federal law (18 USC 922 et seq.).

  7. For fucks sake, can the government stay the fuck out of our lives for once? Who asked any of you to look into this? There is no Kratom epidemic, and I challenge anyone to show me the statistics that warrant this bullshit. Everyday I start wanting The Revolutionary War 2 a little more. This nation is anything but free. Fuck you FDA, you tax dollar eating pieces of shit.

    Yeah, I finally found a way to manage pain, and Kratom is moderate as hell. Lord knows they can't have anyone competing with big pharm… Stop fucking with the common person. Again, FUCK YOU!

  8. I used the last of my white last week, better get some green before it’s too late- All kidding aside, it was recommended to help me focus whilst working on my novel-

  9. I suffer from a great deal of pain and severe neuropathy and have found Kratom helpful. When I ran out of it, after taking it for a month, I had no withdraws. Suffered no I'll side affects either. This is BS.

  10. I had my back and knee badly injured in combat and I used kratom to kick the oxy's after 4 years of surgeries and physical therapy. Now I'm totally clean and only use kratom maybe once or twice a month when I hurt really bad.
    As far as I know you would have to consume like half your body weight of it before you start to get close to a lethal amount – it is really tame stuff and it's only really good for alleviating withdrawal symptoms – it's not much of a recreational substance at all IMHO…

  11. Oh please, stop with the statist apologising. The state, ahem… Supposedly you and I, have no right to tell another human what they may put in their bodies. The consequences of their actions as a result of ingesting poison is to what you respond. You really need to investigate natural law Styx.

  12. I've been taking it for a month or so; I've only taking about 1 teaspoon but I don't see how it's like a opiod. It's very subtle at that dose. I've been taking two to 4 caps in the morning for energy uplift. It's just barely noticeable but you get more work done. The one for calm works well for sleep at 3 caps. I can't imagine that it killed someone. You don't get high.

  13. It's kind of God-like to having a $100 a day heroin habit to spending $100 a month on kratom, that you make a basically harmless tea with. Essentially removing all junkies, criminals and illegal element from your life.

    Also, there has only been an all-time handful of deaths related kratom [that were all suspect, either a cocktail of other drugs or pre-existing medical conditions] vs 100k's of H, Fent, Oxy's, etc.

    This is clearly a tactic by lobbyists of the pharm industry. Also, they've created and patented several new pain meds based off the kratom alkaloid. This move is far sinister than most people know. They are banning the plant so they can prescribe a chemical version of it. I wished you would urge your subscribers to research this and give their state representitives or someone hell on behalf of the people that depend on this plant for managing a healthy lifestyle.


  14. Kratom should be legal and common sense regulated. Kratom DOES have legit uses. Just like the COCA LEAF is how those in South America that were living at altitudes where the oxygen is much thinner as chewing coca leaves greatly increase the bodies ability to absorb oxygen. What built Machu Picchu? The coca leaf. That is what built that ancient MASTERPIECE nearly 8,000 feet ABOVE sea level. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Machu_Picchu

    Carl is there anyway to contact you without leaving a digital trail for haters to track and stalk us both? When I said President Trumps restructuring DOJ is watching both you and me too among very specific other YT hosts I was serious. Yes they actually are.

    Also, do you know who this man is? If you do then how? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rayful_Edmond

  15. Funny. This guy is another person who obviously has no experience with kratom and wants government to “some what regulate it”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We all have a little Marx in us. By the way. People have died drinking to much caffeine.

  16. Kratom helped me put my life and health back together after I broke my back, that and a surgery that almost ended my career in public service. I had to take Morphine and drink copious amounts of alcohol for 8 years. After I got my pension, I got off of all of that only to find out that I have cirrhosis. I started taking Kratom for the post-acute withdrawal that I still had after 14 months clean and sober, and my liver function tests did nothing but get better after starting Kratom. Now I'm a good Mom, daughter, wife, community member and I have a great job again.
    The antiquated FDA and drug warriors need to fuck off already, and let people treat themselves with this beautiful, and highly useful plant. BTW, Styx, the deaths associated with Kratom are either people mixing it with other, harder things, or are total fiction. If you take too much, you get a headache and you yack. That's it. Please beware the propaganda, Kratom is a literal life saver for many good people. Thanks for covering this, you're the best.

  17. The fucking government has no business in certain pharmaceuticals. It's money.. money and more control for more money. In my area doctors made millions writing scripts. Everybody from grandmothers to high school football players became addicted. Then boom the Government shuts it all down to save the community.. well, guess what,, the Mexicans move in with there cheap heroin. Everyday somebody ODs.non stop battle..

  18. No one has died. That is misinformation. That’s like a person eats a banana, then ODs on heroin— then you blame the banana as the cause of death. All kratom deaths are because they mixed with several other, already illegal drugs.

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