1. Once again Victor I love your channel you're very helpful I like the authentic in you and how you present your videos using experiences that you've been through your life that have in your life and your wife's beautiful it's been very helpful to me and this video actually made me laugh in a good way of course .Namaste God bless ✌💞

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. I needed to hear this at this moment. And its true about the timing thing. Stopping weed happened recently for me but i still smoke cigarettes and I tried to switch to organic bc I heard thats what I needed to do but it sucked. I hated it so it just goes to show that I'm not ready for that yet. I was feeling so high vibe b4 I switched to organic and it brought me down. So refreshing to hear this message right now. Just goes to show that the Universe gives us messages all the time its up to us to hear them. Thanks again

  3. Am an empath since I was young and the more I have smoked weed the less connected I feel with myself and nature it puts me in a. Bubble that I can’t feel anything

  4. Wow, I NEVER would of guessed! I'm proud that you decided to quit the bad habits- you are such an encouraging, likeable person.

    I spent about a year and a half on a particular drug that I'm not so proud about- it took me at my lowest watching everything fade around and away from me to give me the strength to quit- if I never would of started that terrible drug, I can tell you I would not be the person I am today. And I probably wouldn't be on this spiritual journey now. It truly transformed me in a positive way.
    For all those struggling, NEVER give up!!! There is a reason for everything, and I Love you all! 😊

  5. Interesting I was asked if I wanted some weed two weekends ago and I simply said no thanks I'm on a natural high. I also started smoking cigarettes again at the age of 39 quit started again quit then realized I didn't have any need for that substance anymore it wasn't serving my highest good and quit again. Same with alcohol can take it or leave but I certainly can't drink like I used to and it does feel extremely toxic to my body and I'm listening to my body I find I don't crave or wish to drink. This past summer I could easily drink almost everyday. Thanks for sharing and for some reason before you mentioned your past experiences I already knew 😉

  6. The purpose of ANY medication is SUPPOSED to be to eventually not NEED it. Cannabis is a powerful TooL with many functions. We simply need to use it with proper intentions. Like he said, you'll know when/if you need to stop…

  7. Yea.I stopped smoking weed for two yrs after smoking it two yrs in a row before that and now being my soulfully evolved I tried it again a month agao and I didn't like it at all.It felt "immature" to me and I felt I didn't need it.It lowerd my vibes so I completely stopped smoking it for a life time now.No more for me.Im good without it.

  8. Alcohol actually helps me mellow out I have anger issues and it helps me relax so does weed beer just helps me let lose and love the people in my life and I’m usually a better person after a few beers it’s kinda sad tbh

  9. The way I look at it is, If you're meant to ascend, you will ascend. Simple as that. I transcended what I needed to when the time was right. It was effortless. Basically, don't fret so much about it.

  10. I also work out 5 days a week keeps me balanced but when I first started transcending I was a basket case tons of anxiety and i lost 40 pounds in 2 months..um I am about to be a vegan and I'm a work in progress and my awakening started 2015- 2016 and I don't even crave meat, alcohol, candy and I was an alcoholic. ..but my dark knight of the soul happened 2017/ but now I have peace

  11. wow so amazing. .good for you victor…I stopped drinking, eating meat, sweets, and its really helped me keep high vibrations…but I use to get anxiety…also as an empathy and indigo and light worker its so hard being around toxic ppl….

  12. Our blue prints are where we are supposed to be. No matter what you do or don’t do, keep unconditional love in your journey! Do what feels good within & without! When we ascend, these materialistic matters won’t matter because they won’t exist. They are burdens we have now in 3D!

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