1. Water it every day if it’s super hot outside…..you could get some 70% shade cloth and make a canopy to shade them from the heat. Move them under there when it’s real hot outside. That’s my idea.

  2. Hey man i grew a plant once last summer but it didnt grow too much and it seemed like the sun was burning my plant. Cali weather 100+ degrees. I want to try growing a second one. Any tips man?

  3. I have a quick question. So I have thripes on my gelatos which have started to stack on buds as you’ve seen in my last video. It’s still early into flower, do you think I still have time to spray them without damaging the buds? Hope you can help, much love broth!

  4. One more thing, I seen comment on you starting from seed, brother if you happen to have some extra seeds, is truly like to get a few from you, I have been burnt last 3 times I ordered seeds, on disability and just can't afford to order again and take loss. I use strictly for meds, I use to make RSO for cancer, and don't have the money now to order more. 1st time I lost 587.00 from ams seed co. 2nd time 520.00 and then last time I only had 300 bucks left to my name, and damn if I didn't get them or even an answer from company. Is appreciate it if you could show some growers love man. The favor would most def not go unreturned, it's called paying it forward. , and paying it back. If you can hear it is, B. Adams , 183 east melody lane Ward Ar,72176.. If not ,don't sweat it. But if you can would be greatly appreciated, need my RSO and to expensive to buy, it worked last time for cancer when I had skin cancer, 9 weeks of RSO and it was gone, but couldn't keep up maintenance treatments, cause assholes decided to not be honest. Much love, and see you did fence, good job. We still need to come up with idea to make business venture on fences for growers, 9 , 10. Foot fences, and for those that have fence already, an extension like yours, but prefabbed where they can just roll it out and nail ,screw it right up to existing fence. Peace and love.

  5. Looking beautiful I was wondering if you can help out a rookie. I'm growing 1 green crack plant I'm in beginning week 10 of flower and I started flushing at week 7 of flower . My tricomes are turning Amber on top half of plant but it is still green with very little yellowing. I used sensi bloom Aand B ph perfect with remo astroflower and big bud when suggested but no idea I only feed them around 1000 ppm at most my soil is Promix bx ahh led lighting 600watt my ppm after flushing is at 37 ppm that is what is in my water from tap any ideas.

  6. Beautiful plants! I have an outdoor grow going on right now too, but my girls seem to be a little ahead of yours in the flowering stage. Do you defoliate at all during flower? Do you do any foliar feeding during flower? Why does your Blue Dream look so lanky when all your other plants are so huge and bushy? My Blue Dream and Chem Dawg turned out to be male. Do you have any tricks for sexing seedling plants early on? I don't want to use feminized seeds due to hermaphroditic potentiality.

  7. While u grow all this do you sell to dispensarys or like pop ups like how you making money i understand the growing license but the weed market for medical is so fucked cuz it’s taxed how are small growers like ur self making money

  8. 😎😎 Thanks for the Info on the nitrogen my plants are doing that, but I'm using synthetic nutrients…. I always keep my plants low on nitrogen it helps me judge how much control of their nitrogen intake I have, understand there is a such thing as Too green it's a dark green almost purple in color, that's nitrogen toxicity…yellow is good because you can always go UP slightly in your food but can never get it back if you end up over feeding, so you can't go down, you have to find a balance that your plants only have what they need and nothing more, if plant is always green than it will have nutrients left in it at harvest, I start letting them yellow about week 3 flower, like you said the yellowish color is its natural color toward the end of its life, if you force it to stay green your gonna have alot more leafy buds, nitrogen= stem and leaves not buds. Dont need plant to be green anymore, once flower cycle is triggered THE PLANT IS DYING

  9. love your orange trees….your garden shows how much love you put into them….your hands are gonna be so cramped at harvest…..just hope they dont all mature at the same time…hahaha…..mine just started flowering also….IE…Riverside County

  10. Just wanted to let you know man, I been following you since your 1st video, and gotta say man you've done a wonderful job bro. Looks beautiful. I'm moving to Oregon this coming Dec, and will be doing my first Legal outdoor grow. Many thumbs up my friend.

  11. Great job. Its flower time baby yeah!!! It's been a long summer but now we get to see all of our hard work form the bud structure. Thank you for pointing out the leaf fade. Most people confuse outdoors for indoors when commenting. They are completely different animals. Mad respect brother.

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