*Took CBD oil for 1 month *did it help with my anxiety?

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  1. I’m up all night until 6 or 7 in the morning . My body finally falls asleep out of pure exhaustion. But from about 12 -6 or 7 am I’m up fighting my racing heart beat , head feeling weird , can’t breathe , pacing the floors , in and out of a cold bath . I just want sleep .

  2. Those with anxiety may not like the THC. The Jayden's juice may have some THC. Try a Charlette's Web CBD. I think they took nearly all of the CBD out and you can get higher CBD content. Also, cold press lavender is good for anxiety also. It's the terpenes in the lavender that helps. If you take a very small drop with your CBD it may be the difference.

  3. First off wanna wish you the best of luck on conquering your anxiety. I know CBD oil doesnt have the same effect as THC, did you notice any effects at all like euphoria or a change in how you felt? It doesn't make you feel high at all? Im curious because I wanna try it, but if it doesnt really have any effect, I dont see what the point is.

  4. I want to try for my PMS and depression but i am confused . There are many videos . every body talks too much and i amwasting time . what is the bottom line ??/ scared to take .

  5. Thanks for the video.. I have my first oil in the mail now with .
    0.3% THC. I have had anxiety and panic attacks for over 10 years now. I have been on all sorts of SSRIs and I have clonazepam for the attacks. For an attack..I noe take a 0.5mg of clonazepam but just 1/4 of the pill. I am on 2.5 mg of celexa and have weaned myself down from 20mg to this over 1 year now. I take the celexa 2.5mg every few days when insomnia kicks in. My panic attacks have started coming more this summer and have tremendous fear of being alone. My youngest starts kindergarten soon and I will be alone while my husband is at work and kids at school. It is hell what we go through..I hate this but am determined to get far away from pills from a doctor who is just useless. Wish me luck!! My fear for the oil is..if I take the oil and then by chance get a panic attack..I will be top afraid to take that 1/4 of clonazepam in case of interactions etc.. That 1/4 pill nearly knocks me out. A full pill..does knock me out for hours and hours. It's why I can't ever use a full pill. A half..very drowsy..just awful😔 Anyways.. I am praying for a miracle. Wishing everyone good health💗

  6. I'm curious about trying CBD like every time I smoke weed it's so bad because of paranoia attacks and bad toughs . But im a little bit nervous about trying CBD for relaxing like I don't want to get those bad toughs and paranoia thing .

  7. I'm finally not alone in this nightmare journey I had my anxiety attack about 4 weeks ago and it just hit me and just yesterday I went in the Emergency because I had an anxiety attack and panic attack with a heart rate over 180 and they took me in quick and gave me an 1mg xanax but I had tremors because I know how dangerous this drug is. I'm trying everything I can to fight it but nobody knows what it's like to fight this disease.

  8. http://www.hempworx.com/HempTrulyWorx This company has the purest oil in the US. The only one with an FDA approved facility its all from Hemp grown on Kentucky. Ive been using it for over a month along with my wife who has anxiety…we have both had positive results. Reduction in her symptoms and my depression, better state of mind, better focus, better sleep. I cant speak enough about it. Give it a shot! I heavily researched before choosing one and this is the best company for CBD in the country right now. Check them out.

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