Cannabis Grow Guide Ep. 10 Defoliation Talk and Week 7 of Veg.

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  1. Always defoliate,,, outside even,, makes more of a Bush, and you can train it so easily. 😁💚🌱🇦🇺👍 I'm still trying to enter this comp my mate. Anything I can do to help my chances mate? I need this.

  2. Week 7 the results you're looking excellent my man I'm loving it everything is nice and healthy and green I love it setup I love Daddy fully ation that's exactly what I do to mine much love and respect

  3. What's up my fellow green crack addict ! I just started my channel I only have 2 videos ,but there are many many more to come… Stop by and show some love if u can… I only have 6 subscribers and the the only likes are from me… Sad I know

  4. another great video! congrats you make it feel guide to the success. now here is my question if the leaf out are with damage is ok make defoliation without schedule? how much can I take out if I have damage from spider mite? one is pretty much busy fighting to survive after the pest… 2nd question do you have also compost bucket? I start one this year and I am concerned if is good make this pieces also to feed worm in my compost bucket, and 3th is possible this pest come from the compost? ✌thank you

  5. To Defoliate or not to Defoliate is a Question That Growers have Debated for Eons. Its Your Plants, You Have the Final Say. So Without Further ado, I'll Jez Sayz What Godz Alwayz Sayz, Peace, Love and Hippie Beadz.✌️💚😎

  6. Morning Brother!! LST lol yup to many strings holding down those stems, same here no more lst but with some of the taller strains we super crop which works great but takes patience to do it correctly. That #1 plant is a prime candidate for super crop ya mon!! bend those two tall stalks over lol!! Fully agree with your defoliation methods great job brother All looking great have a blessed week!! Peace!

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