The #1 worlds most addictive, scariest, and the deadliest drug of all time!

This video discusses by far the worlds most deadliest drug without a question! And few people know this. The worlds most addictive and scariest drug has to do with the person. It’s based on…


  1. Great post. I've experimented with the majority of substances you've made videos on. However, I never actually got drawn into anything long-term except for alcohol. It runs deep in my family and is way more socially acceptable. My age & location makes it very difficult to lay off. I'm not a full blown alcoholic but I know I def drink too much and need to cut back or even consider taking time off. Another great video, these are very informative but entertaining as well.

  2. Marijuana for me. I've only done dmt, shrooms, and alcohol! My dad was a big alcoholic, never met him. I hate alcohol! I'd rather blaze for days and then lay in my bed roll my head, and sing ring around the rosie all night long. I might be a slight autistic

  3. Benzos are the HARDEST drugs to withdraw from. I would not say they are addictive per se, but you become dependent on a a small dose even on a small dose even taken as prescribed! Few folks go out on the street looking for it, but trying to quit it cold turkey or a quick taper is SHEER HELL AND DANGEROUS!! But you are right, everybody is different.

  4. For me pot stole my soul. I get alot of euphoria from vyvance but the comedowns suck so bad I have no problem controlling myself. I really don't get euphoric off opiates but damn I just wanna keep eating em.

  5. When I saw the title I was like… I hope this video goes the way I think it's going to go… Fucking 33 seconds in and I'm right, and now I have meth level euphoria from being right (I'm lucky enough to not have tried meth but this joke was funny)

  6. im 16 and got a bag of molly that turned out to be laced with meth. ended up wanting to burn the world down for 14 hours and ive thought about it every day since then, about a month and a half ago.

  7. So true, someone I knew who used to do cocaine said it was the easiest thing to get off of. They woke up one day, looked in the mirror, and was like this stops now, and they quit right there and then. What they couldn't give up was alcohol and they still struggle to this day. Goes to show everyone has something different that they can get addicted to

  8. You looked sexier with long hair, no shade you look fine now too ☺💗

    Opiates were my downfall,ruined my health and my life. Not the drug itself but being taken off it and put on methadone.
    I developed terrible anxiety issues, couldn't leave the house, the dose isn't enough but I'm not believed.

    Anyway will stop boring you all.But just know if you start opiates if you can't come off themselves you will be under the " doctors care" and there is nothing good about that 😐 The only anxiety drug that helps is diazepam and they don't prescribe that anymore even if your dying.

  9. nice honest video man! meth for me does nothing! absolutely zero unbelievable how we can have things that suit us and things that dont, im not good with drink it leads to cocaine every time. better off with psychedelics and weed, id say those two are good for you

  10. Agree about the genetic and psychological aspect regarding people’s reaction to different drugs. Mine was opioids. First time I sniffed a Roxy I was done. Ten years before I surfaced from addiction. I could do coke every other week without becoming addicted. I choose not to rest that theory though lmao

  11. I thought that exactly its the individual I have been a functional drug user for 37 years not going to stop I did for awhile one day I said to myself this world sucks ass I was way happier doing drugs.

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