Dr. Alvarez: It’s time to legalize marijuana and move on

Fox News senior managing health editor says the genie is out of the bottle. FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well…


  1. Stop emphasizing taxation as if we have to purchase our civil liberties with taxes. Schedule1 classification of Cannabis, in same category as LSD, heroin, and Quaaludes is insanity. One could argue that cigarettes and alcohol are gateways to criminal activity. The gateway argument is ridiculous. That woman is so locked into her own opinion and emotions that she doesn't offer much to what needs to be an adult conversation about legalizing Cannabis.

  2. This lady is something else.. I bet shes part of the group who says our kids should not be punished ! Its people like this lady whos had a silver spoon in her mouth , but in all reality kids can get access to prescriptions like adderall ( str8 speed) mom and dads prescriptions of xanax or diazepam much less opoids.or how about our kids opening up our refrigerator and grabbing a bud light or going in my room and picking up a gun.. Please, give me lazy kids smoking pot and ill be happy with that ,knowing ill wake up and tell my kids i love them 1 more day ! Same as herion?? Wtf, um, i think not ! First, pot users arnt stealing ever thing they get thier hands on , destroying familys who want the best for thier kids giving every cent to make them feel better ( dope sick) or just so u know they arnt doing what u know thier doing!! Im calling a spade a spade AND IM SO FORTUNATE I GET TO SEE MY KIDS AGAIN AND IM SO LUCKY I HAVE TWO KIDS OFF OF OPOIDS AND ARE ALIVE. my kids choose weed, pot, maryjane whatever you wanna call it because its almost impossible to get the help in Illinois with this disaster ,its a shame really!! Ill give my kids 70 pounds of weed to keep them alive ! Prison or not ill take it!! Ive got my family back and been clean off of opoids 27 months! I feel bad for sum people who have no chance , i wish i could help …

  3. Go against present country and U.S. state recreational marijuana legalization because it continually helps criminal organizations by getting them access to an another supply of recreational marijuana. For example, multiple criminal organizations were caught exploiting recreational marijuana legalization by illegally selling Colorado marijuana in and outside of Colorado according to (The Legalization of Marijuana in Colorado The Impact Volume 5: Page 4). This example out of many more proves recreational marijuana legalization continually attracts and supports criminal organizations which increases criminal activity.

  4. Gateway drug? Really? Painkillers are more of a fucking gateway drug than pot. And those are perfectly fucking legal. Iv'e never once had withdraw, from pot, ive never once said, THIS ISNT ENOUGH, I NEED HEROIN. Painkillers though? They don't help enough, or long enough, and make you want more of them. Painkillers are more fucking addictive and are way more of a "gateway" drug than fuckin pot. Just legalize it and move on. Help our veterans suffering PTSD, help the kids who hit themselves and have seizures, help the economy, help create jobs. COME ON ALREADY. We aren't just trying to "get high". There are so many medical uses that can save lives…. Gateway drug… Government propaganda. Wheres the "stay away from pain killers" pamphlets and ads? No where… Hypocrites.

  5. Homegirl needs to do some of her own research and maybe listen to the Dr. sitting in front of her instead of some drug counselor of a a 12-step program..she is spouting off tired, disproven stuff. I wish he had asked her if she drinks alcohol when she got all squeaky there at the end.

  6. "Marijuana is not a gateway drug; it is medicine. CIA Bush Sr. stated, "don't allow marijuana to be looked at as a medicine." Bush Sr.'s words are Godless, unscientific & merciless to children who need medical marijuana for seizures. Bush Sr. and Fox-n- Friends female's attitude to medical marijuana are a Gateway To Mercilessness & Godlessness

  7. This dumb bitch rather her kids be dead than a lil lazy if anybody smoke weed and don't clean the fuck out your entire house just cause u high then you probably high off pills and drunk ? kill the bs about weed its only illegal to target minorities and poor white people

  8. Um I'm never tried pot & I just think it's makes you stupid, fat, retarded and lazy.. Yes I would love a 5th glass of wine please. I know my limit, and 12 glasses is my limit bc last night I blacked out and woke up in some random guys house naked in a pool of vomit & a sore asshole. My car was wrecked in the guys driveway too bc I had 13 glasses instead of 12. But weed is bad for you.

  9. Does anyone think it's hilarious that people who've NEVER tried pot seems to think they know more about it than those that have & know what the effects are and how it effects their lives?

  10. I love how fox is pretending that they are with this the whole time. Such horseshit. Years and years and still to this day they promote false propaganda about this substance. I guess I should be happy they're changing their stance on it, but I can't stand hypocrites.

  11. She said it makes people lazy. Doesn't this bitch know that CEO's smoke weed? There are a lot of people that smoke and have great jobs that they do well. She needs to get off the stupid train at the next stop.

  12. Listen do a real survey with real people.. you will know Drs, lawyers,, teachers, moms dads, everyone smokes. If you don't smoke don't judge.. I smoke been 20 yrs. now.. and trust me my life is awsome my kids well in order , even my husband, excells at his job.. so shut up if you don't know or have not tried it.

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