1. BULLSHIT-Canada has MORE WEED than the US and ALLWAYS will so sto the bullshit lies plus our whole country is LEGAL and will be going mainstream July/2018 100% so the US will be buying OUR weed as will the rest of the planet =)) PEACE and STOP the LIES AMERICANTS~

  2. OK Liberal California marijuana lovers lets see if your auto accidents rate goes up,crime rate goes up. You know it will because not only Medical marijuana uses will be using it and those people do need it and they are more responsible users. MARK MY WORDS.

  3. Jesus people.
    Why would you buy weed when it is so easy to grow one plant that would supply you with 2 years worth ???
    Dont be stupid..
    Drop a seed into a compost bag , water it and harvest it 4.5 months later.

  4. hello, if you have medical insurance, will it cover the marijuana costs for patients who use "medicinal" marijuana.
    are the "medicinal" users going to have to pay for "recreational" marijuana when it should be covered by the health insurance because it is for medical reasons?
    thank you much, ETN…

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